Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Man in the mirror

I always try my best to deserve what I get and believed in being righteous according to my own conscience. And I realized it may not be always the one that everyone accepts though. Sometime back, one of my fellow blogger -one of those friends without a face - had written to me about looking into your eyes and having a smile on your face. Probably very true - at the end of the day, all that matters is a hard days sleep without any worries and I'm happy where I'm today and what I have but I also believe in

"Miles to go before I sleep..." - the ever motivating lines of R.Frost for me that keeps me going at every phase of my life.

Man in the Mirror

When you get all you want and you struggle for self,
and the world makes you king for a day,
then go to the mirror and look at yourself
and see what that man has to say.

For it isn't your mother, your father or wife
whose judgment upon you must pass,
but the man, whose verdict counts most in your life
is the one staring back from the glass.

He's the fellow to please,
never mind all the rest.
For he's with you right to the end,
and you've passed your most difficult test
if the man in the glass is your friend.

You can fool the whole world,
down the highway of years,
and take pats on the back as you pass.
But your final reward will be heartache and tears
if you've cheated the man in the glass.

- Anonymous poet

via Hells Kitchen

Monday, January 30, 2006

The wait

When you accept people for what they are
yet you are judged

- just forgive and wait- mistakes happen...

When you give your best
and yet do not get acknowledged

- just laugh it off and wait

when there are some words you need to speak
yet have not been given a chance

- just wait for some unknown day

when the one whom you love with all your heart
want to throw it all and go

- just let them go and wait

when you decide it is someone you have known is THE someone in your life
and they decide otherwise,

- just standby, watch and wait.


never let the joy of the present moment wait
- time just waits for none!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hola ppl...howdy doing?

Hola ppl,
am back. These pics that you see here were taken yesterday when uncle had come down. He also got with him a lot of new dresses for me. Infact we wanted to wear same blue colored tshirts and take snaps ;-). And uncle and mom have given me a new name at home . It is "AIBU".....ok, theres no spelling to it..I made it up myself. They pronounce it as "I-booo".

He likes to pamper me a lot with lots and lots of dresses these days. Everytime, he comes he gets something for me. I like being tossed high up in the air like what my uncle does all the time. You shd see him smile when I laugh like mad. For some strange reason, I like the feeling of tossed up like that.
However, I'm very unhappy because uncle left in a jiffy this morning. He had an emergency at work. Everyone pestered him, right from my mom to granparents to neighbourhood ppl and they were really pushing him too hard. He tried his best to explain last night but no one seems to understand him. I hate it when ppl do that to him. He is a very caring and loving person, but no one seems to bother. Last night, when he took me to the terrace as he always does when he wants to talk to me, he told me everything. I have never seen him so tired and give up anything and above all, his team has completely let him down in his needs of a little solitude and he has rushed today - believe it on a sunday afternoon - to undo all wrong done at work and he said, its gonna take him atleast the whole night and loads of coffee to finish up everything. I hope things go well for him. And I'm very sad at the way things are happening. Though its for the best of all, I dont want to miss him. He was never with me when I was born and I dont want to lose him now.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


I'm hooked onto these songs and I do not know why. Its kinda played in the loop as I drive - ;-( my friend has come on official trip and so he owns my motorbike now *sigh*. But hey, the adventure and health freak he has morphed into of late, we did a small rock climbing at Turahalli. It was fun..and its hardly 10kms from my place Yay !!! Just that we have turned black skinned from being brown skinned ;-) but wat de heck- who cares as long as you have the fun.

Unnakku enna mele ninrai - Simla special
Mudhal Kanave - Majnu
Complicated Heart
Be MY Lover - La bouche
Ek mein - Bluffmaster
Its the time to Disco - Kal ho Na ho
Maram Kothiye - Aah aah
Kaho naa kaho - Murder

Its strange because, I generally dont mix and match languages while listening, but I find myself listening to totally contrasting taste of music. God knows whats wrong with me.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Carnivals !

As much as I like the silence of the jungles and wildlife and animals, I like carnivals. The season of carnivals and the celebrations and the joy and happiness and the colors just blows my mind away.
One of my wishlist in my life would be to attend atleast 3 of the world's famous carnivals.
Click here to have view of some of the carnivals around the world

Friday, January 20, 2006

Bala Simpson !!!

I'm adopted into the Bart Simpson family ;-)


One show I liked to watch all the time at BelleVille along with CSI (all flavours) and The House(Parminder Nagra is also there in it ;-) but thats not what I used to watch it for), The 70s Show.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thats why - you go away !!!

Was listening to Michael Learns to Rock and ABBA after a long time while driving in this mad mad hosur road traffic !!
*sigh* how long has it been since I listened to them ;-) Now that the CDs are back Voila, its gonna be fun .....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Just like that

Back when I was in Belleville, I had planned out for this one of a truly celebrating event - THE CARNIVAL OF VENICE.

It was one of a event I saw myself visiting this year with all the enthu but a lotta changes and I may not make it this time. But this is one of a event to visit.

How I wish our own Bangalore Habba is as good as these carnivals. This pic below was taken in the recently ended Bangalore Habba to celebrate Art. MG Road was wonderful that day with so much of artisitic work at display.

BTW, saw in the paper today about the CoxAndKings' EK KA CHAAR offer to travel Europe within a budget of 90000 INR/- Thats a cool offer for a family.

Benny Prasad has proved what it takes to live life with all the shortcomings. I'm inspired by him....93 countries in a couple of years - Gosh thats an awesome list....Read this article

Theres also a Jethro Tull and Sivamani show in IIMB in the first week of February. Now, IIMB is a almost walkable from my place and I hope I dont have to sit back for any meetings and miss the shows. I hope so !!!

I was seriously playing with the balls and mom wanted me to give me a nice pose. Why dont they ever understand that all i like doing is playing all the time. They keep disturbing me either with that stupid food or to comb my hair or change my dress. I hate it, and this time, I didnt understand what mom was saying....I cant talk yet, so was just asking her with my expressions.


I like to laugh all the time.....I'm just waiting for the teeth to grow so that I'll have a better smile and also can bite uncle's hand sooner HEHEHE!!! Everyone likes the way I chuckle covering my mouth all the time.....One of my friend Xena also has the same way of laughing....Thats y we both are good friends.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Howdy? How u doing?

Hey folks,

Bala - a dumb uncle of mine calls me kutti, but I actually like the name Mukil ;-)! Like my uncle, I also love my eyes a lot so much so that I keep staring at the mirror all the time looking at the cute baby out there on the opposite side. Bala decided to lend his blog to post some pics of myself for the next few posts. How nice of him, right? So here I'm gonna meet you with a portfolio of mine in the next few days.


BTW, I forgot to introduce myself....How silly of me? But i guess I carried it over from my uncle....Its in the genes you see !!!

Me is Mukil or rather authoritative sounding Meghavarma is my name !!! I'm a nephew of Bala - yeah, his Sis' kid....Mom takes care of me a lot, and I like to pee immediately after she changes my shorts. You should look at her then.....She goes wild, but its my granny who I'm so attached to. Rest in the next posts !!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

From the diary of true friends!

SHE wrote
sometimes i wish i understood people better
i keep trying, keep trying
but people seem to stump me every time
proving all my efforts were in vain

then should i stop?
should i accept that people were never meant to be understood?
should i go on, accepting whatever they say or do?
and not break my head with the question WHY?

or should i think about it
ponder where i went wrong
and make an effort, however small
to change myself, not for them, but to understand them better

but there doesn't seem to be an end
it seems like every time i make that effort
things change in a different direction
and i'm back where i started

why? why? why?
i hate that question
hate it even more now
as it snickers at me from above

maybe i should think just for myself
maybe i should be a little selfish
maybe then i'd feel a little less pain
a little less hurt

then again.. maybe i won't

HE wrote
People always try to understand others
yet, none becomes master.
Every once in a while they are put in a situation
that turns up like a burnt bread in a toaster.
Lessons are learnt, some right, some wrong.
Some just walk off the situation only to get into a new one.
Many become stone hearted. They keep themselves away further.
These are people who apply same pattern in every situation.
Few understand that each situation is unique.
Each one is an experience, they consider.
Is that Wine gets better with Age? they ask
Life just goes on - is their matured talk.
SHE wrote
each experience is different
each relationship so unique
yet when it says "THE END"
why do u feel the same?

life isn't a set of math equations
i dont think u have easy formulas
it's like learning to cook
u learn the basics, then do it ur own way

there are twists and turns on this road
and what seems like a road block today
will be long gone tomorrow

i know that life will go on
there's too much to see and do
than mull over transient relationships
and wonder what went wrong

but i just cant seem to bring myself up
to accept that i am gonna be hurt time and again
and there's nothing i can do to help it

HE wrote
The End lies with in our eyes
which believes in the lies.
Sets the mind into motion to expect
from others how you would like them to be.
At every intersection in the path of life
a decision to be made - to stay put or let go
or so, people understand.
They cease to believe that you can diverge and yet be together.
Many call it "The End".
Its when they are hurt.
Wise , however, take their time to
make their decision when they are rational.
Fianlly they rationalise, it is not about staying put
but appreciate the other in their own way.
Enjoy the ride as long as it is and at intersections,
they meet and share their experiences in the path they travelled.
SHE wrote
i guess when the hurt heals
i will do that
gracefully accept that the relationship has changed
and it's taking a different course

i will go on, and so will everyone else
to them, nothing has changed
to me, so much has changed

yet another way life tells me
that it's not a straight road
but a big circle
and all who go one way, will some day
come back to where they started
HE wrote

SHE wrote

HE wrote
SHE wrote
stop grinning u dumbo..

Cheers !!!

Picture 025

2005 was a bad time for Sam. He contracted a skin disease and started losing all the hair. There were moments when I have been pained wherein it was decided to give him away to Blue Cross not able to take care of him. But, as usual, it took me a lot of threats on my dad - I actually told him, I wld care a damn if he had another heart attack. And with my dietary conditions and cleaning frequency prescribed to my dad, hes got well starting this year. Infact, I'm so happy to see new patches of white hair growing in all the places he had lost. At the end of last year, he fell really sick and needed intensive care. And my friend took care when I wasnt there. We are just happy for him !!!

Ooooh ha Ouch !!!

This is the second time this is happening and I wonder why.
It happened the other day when we all met on saturday evening - a muscle pull - of all the places, on my stomach. Not the abdomen, but the place where the ribs end and the stomach actually is. When this happens, it becomes a little difficult to speak because any kind of movement seems to aggrevate it. And it takes close to arnd 10 mins to automatically vanish. It happened today right now after I kept the phone down sometime back. Well, wat do u wanna say Mr.Stomach?

Bye Bye DV !!!

Not bad, not bad at all !!! I thought I would be late today to work. And driving all the way from Chennai on a Monday morning, thats what I expected but here I'm @ work, at 11:30 even though I started almost at 8:00.

Went to drop and see DV off whos gone back to the desert! Somehow, while driving back, I had this strange feeling. Though I would get to see him by the later half of this year(hopefully), I guess this time, it was more personal which I always avoided so far with everyone.
Too much of contemplation driving back all alone, but good that my friend last night threw in a lot of CDs to keep me company. That little bugger he is, I realised many CDs were what he flicked off from me earlier !!!

I like the work that has been done on NH-4 but it just doesnt make sense with our people. Whats the point in having good roads and not able to drive fast because you have to be always on the look out for some TVS50 / cycle coming on the same lane in opp. direction or someone trying to run across the road to the opposite side !!! Crazy. It seems no one wants to develop any traffic sense !! *sigh* !!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Marriage Invitation

I had a ex-collegue visiting us today to give away his marriage invitation. I met him when I was in Belleville. It had two cards, one of which had the follwoing imprinted on a very nice font.

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O no, it is an ever-fixèd mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wand'ring bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.
- William Shakespeare.

Nice to know someone had taken W.S's Sonnet 116 for their invitation card.

That apart I like this particular verses from W.S too

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms.
And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress' eyebrow. Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon's mouth. And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon lined,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws and modern instances;
And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slipper'd pantaloon,
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side,
His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

Fun @ work

Its been celebration times at work here. Lots of cultural events happening.....and this afternoon @ work was Kite flying time .....Its just plain euphoria to see all those papers and sticks glued together flying high in the air with a single thread to hang onto. Not much different from our life, isnt it? ....Philosophy apart, reminds me of the time when we as school kids in the outskirts of chennai use to have so much of open spaces and one of the fav. past times was to fly kites high in the air. ITs so fun to hold onto that thin thread gleefully manovering the kite high in the air. And not to mention those competitions where you break the thread of the other guy's with a "DEAL" and the one with the best of the "Maanja" thread wins everyone.

Last evening we had lots of singing, dancing, fashion show et al..... Reminded me of times when I have done backstage work. Never do I generally get onto the stage. No, no.....dont have stage fear, far from that. I like being on stage any given opportunity. But just havent done it much, guess priorities were different then. With so much to complete @ work, I cld watch it only after 7:00 but it was a well conducted event. I missed the Violin performance and I hope to get onto stage (that I have always wanted to do) soon. Probably next year. A single solo guitar performance probably? or a dance? I do not know....yet.....but one thing that I have seen, I have been doing all the things I have wanted to do since the start of the year and hope I keep up the tempo. If I do keep it, I know I'll be learning swimming and take some pottery lessons this year. Terracotta has been one of my favourite medium.....The feel of the earth on your hand to shape into objects...I have never had a chance so far except for a small try at DakshinChitra, but would like to learn them sometime. But i guess there is plenty of time for it.

There are new goals that I have set for this year and most important one would be to increase my earning atleast by 50% than what I earned last year. And I havent still formulated a plan and what with tax times coming, there couldnt be a better time to plan things and ofcourse, 50% over last year would be a very high target to achieve, but with certain opportunities I seemed to be discussing with a few people, if I can make through them, I know I can please myself with more than 50% !!!*smiles* And i better do it, because I dont wanna sweat my ass all through my life. And I want to retire in another decade !!! And when I retire, one thing that I surely want to do is to write travelogues ;-) !!!! And if I can get involved in travel shows like that from Deepti Bhatnagar productions, or better Travel & Living, just perfect. Ms.Deepti, do you hear me? Or anyone who can give me such opportunities?

BTW, today is Rock Show, DJ nite. Programs start at 4:30 and the dance floor is all open from 7:00 !!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

On a dull, lazy thursday

A lazy morning
Skipped breakfast (forgot to buy milk last night;-( )
Heavy traffic
Usual meetings
Unusual mistakes (staring right back teasing you to wank them)
Tired mind
Unrelenting software
Forgotten lunch
Haphazard takeaways( CCD)
Loads of Caffeine
Deep contemplation (to fix the problem at hand) -

A Phone call
A chirpy voice
reciting rhymes
talking butterflies
sounding cheerful
bringing smiles !!!

This girl just made my day on a lazy thursday afternoon. Tx sophie for putting sweet little smrithi on the phone! Just waiting to catch up with her soon sometime !!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hurray !

Ok, its a kinda heaven when you can come back home and make "Avaraikkai Sambhar " and "Ennai Kathrikkai" for dinner, except that I'm abstinating from alcohol, even in the form of wine (atleast for quite a time to come), I get satiated with a glass of Grape juice to go along with it.....And ofcourse a movie like "Shall We Dance" ! Boy, it was a nice movie....made me want to get into serious dancing. Its been on my mind for a long time and I hope I can find someone near my place...
I have never been too fond of Richard Gere (yeah he does look good ofcourse) but in this movie he was just simply awesome....and not to mention the sober, callipygian(go figure the meaning of this word *naughty naughty* whoever came with that word LOL) JLo at her dancing best.
Talking about food, I just heard Krishna Cafe has come near my house *clap clap*.....so I'm not gonna cook much then ;-) but yeah I do not want to bloat my waist size too ;-) as I see happening with my friends eating out in Krishna Cafe !! The food is just perfect and now that its near my house, I better start working out.....
And I finally found a place to getsome nice continental food near my house. The restaurant is called "Work & Grill" and tried out Vegetable Steak and veg platter...Perfect...Except that I would have preferred some more waiters attending to the small bunch of people in not that crowded a restaurant. But hey, the food is awesome....They also have some nice chinese food and the Coriander soup was perfect to sooth my healing throat - infection from the viral fever. But yes, I havent taken medicines...and I wont..Let my body fight it out and its actually lot better these days !

a nice read !

I really loved this post from lovee for the way it was written.

I guess all that matters out of experiences in life is what you learn out of it. Every experience gives you two choices - choosing the better way (I dont differentiate between good/bad its all about perspectives) is upto each person.

Peace !

Monday, January 09, 2006


It takes a lot of courage to stand up for the mistakes which you were part of (even if not directly responsible for it or intended to be harmful) and assume responsibility and ask for an apology. It takes to keep aside all your ego to do it, even after you know that things probably wont remain the same and you wont be trusted and treated the same. But, yes, you feel like a MAN!
There is a time to rend and time to sew, sometimes the time to rend leaves deep scars - from The Zahir - Paulo Coelho.

That apart, was just hearing about this movie Anger Management and how explosive anger must be shown and not turned inwards.....Its better to show your anger and then feel sorry rather than turning it inwards and hurt yourself and finally end up hurting others more. Planning to watch it sometime this week.....

BTW, the list of movies I watched in the last week alone

Just Like Heaven (Nice simple movie not a must watch though)
Kanda Nal Muthal (liked it very much...plain, simple, neat screenplay and narration...*sigh* to myself for different reasons. One,reminded me of meeting with Laila in one of the resorts long time back. We had managed to get her to our table that night. That lady for sure is beautiful in person than on screen. Heard she is a balle dancer woooo)
KillBill (I watched it for 2nd time for Uma Thurman and because the DVD was a 4-in-1)
Love dont cost a thing (normal poor guy meets a rich girl and finally end up getting together - college graduate life and ambitions.....simple nice romantic movie to catch up with your girl.....)
Athu Oru Kana Kaalam (such a drag...cldnt finish it thru.....Balu Mahendra has to grow out of his obsession for Ooty and close ups and slow camera work does not make good acting....Not saying Dhanush did bad...but the movie is a let down...probably, thinking about it, I cld be little more fair to it, but I guess I wasnt looking for something serious)
Kalyug ( Mahesh Bhatt production exposes a s e x rachet in the name of those desi p o r n websites run by NRIs...actually a neatly made movie for the story line. The hero did have a nice smile...but not on a must watch unlike murder - Ah, Kaho na kaho and beege hont the re songs itself is enuff for me to watch the movie )
Company (Much acclaimed and I liked it. RGV is for sure different from the rest of the bollywood directors. For once I liked Vivek Oberoi on screen and MohanLal was his usual self. I have grown upto like Ajay Devgun actually)
Wild Things 2 (a crazy time pass movie and boy, it did have one of the steamiest sequence I have seen in recent times *drooling*)

Need to catch up on
Anger Management

Friday, January 06, 2006

On a jobless Friday afternoon

Went to Cafe Cofee Day with my collegue to get a life ...err.. I mean some coffee...It was Friday afternoon and both of us didnt feel like working...(Well, thats how I feel all the time though ;-) ).

Met an old time friend and collegue from my ex-office who had also joined here. Came to know he had put down his papers for better offer...(What the hell am I doing? I guess I have wrong sense of gratitude and consideration in this mean world ...grrrr...but hey, I'm looking for a more meaningful career path and I prefer to wait...Ah, time waits fornone though ..*now thats too much for a curved braces)....

Just yapping away commenting on the girls and sipping Cafe Mocha when I we grabbed the in house magazine "CAFEBEAT". I like reading through horoscope and some Tarot reading by some youngest Tarot reader caleld Madhushree.....For me personally, reading this is amusing....I dont take it seriously and there is never anything to take seriously in it ....grrrr...if only someone could have told me what I went thru well in advance, I wldnt have gone thru it....then whats the point in all these...but hey...its amusing....Since am a cusp between Gemini and Taurus....here I'm presenting you both....

You'll hit it off exteremly well with Virgo's and Geminis (Oh yeah, geminis are the most craziest lot of sun signs as if one isnt enuff, they are two mind in same body...crazy)
Stay away from scorpios...(what, Linda says scorpios are beautiful...No way..Let them sting...I wld rather be stung by a beautiful scorpio).
If you are already in a relationship, learn to trust the choices your partner makes( Wth, I did trust and ended up being single ...grrrr)

Career and Money
Parttime work is good for you. (yeah, if someone pays me full time though)
You will easily impress people this month (Last month was a disaster though...:-( )
A word of caution: Dont trust everyone. (well, lesson learnt already)
Growth prospects are indicated by your choice of vocation
( Is guitar a right choice...Can I make a career out of it?? hehehe )
Theres plenty of money coming your way. so rejoice (What parttime job is that ? )

Life & dreams
Dig deep into that reservoir of talent that lies within you. (REservoir is big enuff but seems shallow though..LOL )
Rejoice in what you love doing. (Oh yeah, right..as if people hate what they love doing)
Put across your ideas in a way people understand( well, easily said than done madame)

Sex Life
You will have no reason to complain. ( very true ...I sleep alone grrrrrr)
You could be more emotional than you might have been so far( Oh yes, much needed you see....no way.....thats the stupidest stuff I can get myself into....in my life any one time more )

Lucky Numbers

Love Dates
7,8,12 ( I'm free on these dates this month...anyone pls ???)

Lucky Color
Green (hey, thats Earth color... I like it)


Be cautious in your relationships. If emotional involvement is what you are looking for, again, caution is advised..
( what if I dont look for a relationship at all ...hehehe)
If you are already in love, rest assured, you have made the right choice. ( well, I guess the other person also should think so, dont you think...;-0 )
Dont get tempted by a new partner ( oh yeah, lemme have one partner in the first place....grrr)

Career and Money
If you dont already have ajob, dont despair( Thank god. I have one)
For those who hold one, promotion and bonuses will come your way ( yeah, badly needed)
Be careful with your finances. Money isnt really flowing in, but you will ahve enuff to spend(Nice to know that )

Life and Dreams
Travel is an excellent idea.Take long vacations. Nature cures your worries. Trekking, rock climbing, water bodies are good for you.Get more physical this year ( true...but I guess my managers wont really see my point of view )

Sex Life
Your sex life rocks. ( thats the blatant lie I have ever heard in my life )All you need is to go with the flow (grrr..Dont show your face to me )

Lucky Numbers
3,12,8 ( 3 seems to be common for Taurus and Gemini..lemme take that)

Love Dates
14,12,16 (Actually, any date is fine with me if I can get a date *wink*)

Lucky Colors
Red and Green ( Not bad)

If I'm crazy enuff to put it on my blog, and if you have read it till here....trust me you are crazier.....and for sure you have more free time than me ;-) Go get back to work....!!!! hehehe

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A dinner date!

She was dressed in a carefully pressed business formal - a black trouser and pure white shirt that accentuated her figure to more than perfect. As the head of her team, she was addressing her team of the new strategies to employ. It was when she was pointing to some of the statistics that her mobile buzzed. She excused herself, and it was him. She listened to short, crisp message from his manly voice. "The dinner tonight is at our beach house." He had kept the phone down. It was his way. – Spontaneous and random, unpredictable. A sudden surge of adrenalin rushed through her. What has he planned? He was known for his surprises and the very thought of the evening with her man in the beach house made her feel sexy. It had been long time since they had caught up with special moments of romance. The vagaries of the responsible jobs had not given them much time for togetherness. He was an Engineering Head of a top notch company. Yet, he somehow seemed to manage to find more time than her and she had always wondered how?.
"The evening can wait, let me complete things fast so that I can curl up with him" She thought.
She parked her car outside their house. His car was already there. She smiled to herself. The pathway was dimly lit. That’s how they liked it always. She walked through the pathway to the main door. She was about to open the door when he opened it for her. He was dressed in his white cotton pants and half sleeved white shirt. The top buttons of his shirt were open - his typical style. She flung herself into his arms and they hugged for what seemed eternity. He pulled her apart and perked a soft kiss on her lips and asked her "How was the day?”
She said, "Went very well. The quarterly review meeting took most of my time in the morning and then...." He put his index fingers on her lips and silenced her.
"Just say Good/Bad. No office talks here. Remember our promise." She remembered
He had got her promise after they fought one night. It was work pressure that had taken a toll on them both that day. They had survived through those difficult times.
She nodded and a smile emerged as she remembered how silly a fight it was and how it finally got over as they both did not want to waste the night.
"Have a warm bath and change yourself. I'll get the dinner ready by then." he said.
"Let’s make the dinner together."
"Do we really have to go hungry?" he was naughty
She gave a false stare and went in.
She opened their glamorous bath and took a deep breath. The tub was filled with warm water and her favorite aroma salt. The scented candles they had bought from their trip to South East earlier was glowing. She put on the music and sank into the tub. After a relaxing bath, she came out. She wondered what to wear contemplating on his choices. She changed into a flowing sarong skirt and a crimson spaghetti top.
She came out to the living room. Soft country music was playing behind. He was nowhere to be found. She walked towards the player. Suddenly, he came behind her and blew behind her ears. She turned around and threw her arms round his neck, his hand held her waist and they kissed each other. He was trying to hide something behind him and that’s when she noticed a huge gift there. He gave it to her with a smile. He had signed "To my woman" - "your man"
She carefully parted the wrapper and found her child self staring back at her. It was the portrait of her when she was 3 years old.
"Oh my gosh. It’s beautiful. I never saw you working on this at home"
"I did it in the office" he smiled.
"Look at the Engg Head. Since when did they start paying for your sketches? Oh, this is the pressure that has kept you away from me for a couple of dinners, huh?" in her typical false authoritative tone.
He smiled back. She placed it carefully on the table and ran and hugged him tight and showered kisses. They sat down on the sofa and talked for a while. She wanted to catch up with some Tom & Jerry. They watched it together for the nth time.
"Time for some sumptuous dinner.” He announced.
"What are we making today?"
"Hmm.....fettuccini on Alfredo, garlic bread, a garden side salad, and red wine. Is that enough for my girl or does she wants more?"
They worked on the vegetables. She was amazed at his efficiency and his speed. He had always wanted to be a chef, he used to say. The best Chef in the town is mine, she thought.
She arranged the cut vegetables on the table and cleaned the plates as he lit the stove and placed the pan to make the pasta. She felt mischievous.
“I don’t feel like having pasta today” She said.
“Hmmm….so what does her highness want today?”
“Anything else will do. “
“Give it up and do the table my dear. Doesn’t work.” He said with a glint in his eyes.
She flexed all her facial muscles to chide him and started arranging the table. She made the salad and the bread and placed the plates on the small dining table. She read the label of the new wine bottle for the evening. “Ah, it would be nothing less than perfect wine.” She thought as she smiled at his taste of his wine.
She went near him and watched his carelessly neat style of cooking and the way he tossed the pasta. He finished cooking and gently placed them on the plates she held. She always liked the way he arranged the food on the plate. He was meticulously neat.
“It’s as much about the presentation as the taste itself” he said reading her thoughts.
“Ah, you and your presentation. 100th time you are telling me this.” She said poking his ego.
“Well, then why do you stick around hearing to the same crap again and again” he looked at her, his eyes gleaming.
“Tch tch .No one makes better food” she said.
“Is that it?” he asked throwing up his hands in false despair.
“No one serves me better too” she laughed and went behind and hugged him. She kissed his neck and said “No one can love me better than you do.”
He took her hands and pulled her to the front and kissed her on the cheek and said, “Now time for food. And please do the honors.”
She popped open the wine bottle and filled their glasses.
“Why do you always make me open the wine bottle” Once she had asked when they dated and he had responded with mushy mushy answer. “Wine is the best companion to dine and the touch of your hand makes it divine.”
“To love and good health” they raised a toast to each other.
They finished their dinner with the slow music in the background and amidst a lot of talking and feeding each other occasionally. They put the dishes in the dishwasher and came out to the patio. She lit the patio with the candles. She always loved them and the moon light on that clear summer sky spread its radiance. “Perfect. It can’t be better than this”, she thought.
He brought his guitar and sat next to her.
“I make the choices” she smiled.
“After I play one for you” and he started playing Richard Marx - Now and Forever for her.
He played his guitar while she watched him mesmerized, his fingers bringing the music of their soul together. She soon started singing while he played the guitar for her. The sweetness of her voice and the music from the strings flowed through the sea breeze with the mild sound of the distant waves lashing at the shore providing the background. They continued enjoying the music. They had finished all their favorite songs. He kept the guitar down and they went for a walk on the sand.
They were holding each other as they walked and talked and laughed on the lonely beach– like two crazy kids who believed there is no tomorrow. Soon, they started running towards the water and played.
To him, she looked like an angel. Her ruffled flowing soft hair fell across her face in the breeze making her look like a mermaid out of the water in that lone beach. The wetness aroused his desire even more. He stopped, turned her around and kissed her hard. She responded with the same intensity.
“Take me home right now” she shouted. He lifted her in his arms and ran home. She was kissing him crazily all the way. It was a long night waiting.

This post - a recurring dream that I have been envisioning and working towards (Dude, now I understand whats with the guitar) is dedicated to that "SHE" who by now must be walking this planet somewhere! *smiles*

Just Like Heaven

It was a cool day last evening. Been a long time since I had felt so happy being myself. Started off from the office at 4:00 and came home to slurp the left overs and couple of glasses of Orange-Apple Tango from Tropicana. Then slept for 30 mins before waking up and deciding to tidy up the house a little bit with "The Beatles" playing. Had a warm bath and off I went to my first guitar class. Its almost 884217600 secs since I cld have learnt music. Tx to my friend, who shook me up completely to make me realize what I wanted in my life. And Boy, wasnt it so thrilling. The moment, you place the guitar on your lap and encapsulate the 6 strings in between your thumbs and index finger, thats heaven. It was my first class and a novice that I'm in learning music (I did try to learn Flute but after 4 days I still hadnt learnt to make any noise even out of it and I gave up), I was awed when the tutor took my guitar and tuned it and played a country music for me. Then I learnt about the differences between steel string and classical (I had already done my homework on it early in the day ;-)) and the positions and details like Frets and chords. Then, the real class started with me getting to stroke the strings the musical way *grin* and then a few exercises. I guess I did fairly well. *clap clap*. Did some simple finger exercises getting a feel of the instrument. It was only for the right hand and after close to 20 mins of practice, I got a beginners exercise for the left hand. That leaves me with something to practice for the next 6 days and to get a Musical manuscript so that I can learn to read and write music. And I came home after picking up a couple of movies and was stopped by my neighbour,(translated to English from Hindi)

"Son, dont you reside alone?"
"Yes Aunty."
"Dont you feel bored?"
"Do you cook yourself or eat out?"
"I cook myself"
"Very good. You know to play guitar?"
"No, I've just started to learn".
"Very nice. Seems like you are setting up the house with TV and Cot"
"Yeah Aunty. Sometimes it gets boring."
"Are you planning to get married?"
I was stunned.
"No, why?" *thinking to myself where this all is leading to*
"You have set up the house, you have a bike, car, good job. I thought things are working out towards marriage".
I laughed out loud.
"aunty, Shouldnt a Bachelor have all this or what?"
"No no , beta, not like that. But what is preventing you from doing it?"
"Nothing. I didnt think it is necessary now. I'm happy this way."
"These days, young people are always like this. You will understand later."
I smiled and went in.

It had been nice feel to get engrossed in the strings and then come home. Looked around to see what I could make for dinner. And voila, the easiest dinner was ready in minutes.

Fried Beans and vegetables.
2 Fried Eggs.
A glass of Tropicana Guava Nectar
A glass of cool cool buttermilk.

Set up my food in front of the TV and watched "Just like Heaven".
Gosh , it was perfect - Just Like Heaven !!!

An add on yummy breakfast tip.

Get the Mango Nut crunch Flakes. In a bowl of Mango Nut Crunch, put in a couple or more of Almonds and a spoon or two of honey and a glass of milk. Man, thats an awesome quick breakfast which has become my regular these days, of course followed by a glass of juice and on reaching office, I pick a cup of Cappucino from CCD.

Just Like Heaven !!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Acting? Me?

Personally, I feel a little awkward to do it, but I have been asked to appear for a video shoot of the training in the 3rd week of January - yeah, the same training that by now, I can give half way thru my sleep. ;-)

If you ask me to relive my life, I wld probably select being a theatre artist/Chef rather than S/w engg. I can atleast realise my dreams of a Chef by cooking for my friends, but I guess I got to satisfy myself with such videos unless DV decides to make a movie and cast me as a HERO, ok, fine DV, atleast a small role ;-). Hey, you promised.

Just got this quote on my mail yesterday.
Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.
- Walter Anderson

Cultural differences

Heard this morning....cldnt resist laughing my brains out !!

A young lady( known to mix lot of Hindi with her English and speak Hinglish goes to the manager and as is her wont, blurts out,) "sir, Can I have a private "baath" with you"?

Manager :@#$!#$@#$???

What wld u do if u were the manager ???

Those who do not know Hindi Baath = talk !!!

First post of the year !


First day of the year is over !!! tch tch...I hate it when holidays fall on a weekend ....grrr...(Point to myself, dont ya worry dude...it doesnt take you anywhere).

This is almost the first time in the last seven years I think(or even more than that dude), I was at home when the clock struck 12:00.

Nice to be with the family, the new kid on the block (yeah, mukil, will post the pics soon), and spend it with sis and a couple of friends.

Dec 31 ended on a sweet note, with Bday celebrations and a nice talk to explain myself to my friend and finally laying my hands on Yamaha C 70 - classic.

Gosh, the feeling of holding that piece of an instrument and feeling the strings - thats heaven ! (Making a mental promise to play for Ravi next year).
Holed my pocket upto 8000 Rs/- and the first New Year message came from @ 2:00 AM from a person I least expected. ;-)

Drove down early in the morning of 1st and on the way, met Sophie and Prakash wishing them a happy new year and showing off my latest priced possession. Then comes the best part of the New Year when I furnished my apartment with

A double Cot(whats on your mind, dude?)
Samsung TV (grrr..not the plasma though)
Samsung DVD player

I had a budget of 30000/- and I got all of the above. I was tempted to just get a Home theatre, but better sense prevailed on the first day of the year and I started furnishing the house. Next remains the curtains and deewan to watch the movies -
ho ho ho !! (Its movie time soon dude at home - better than PVR visit). Anyone wanna catch up on a movie and some cocktails / mocktails over the weekend in Blore, welcome home !!!

MY first class of guitar starts tomorrow and I have the most toughest of the things to do on earth - grow my nails for playing it and that too on my right hand *sob sob*. The longest I have stayed without biting nails is probably 8 hours when I sleep ???