Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tear Drop

Quite a long time since I came across a forward that I really liked. Its beautiful.

Sky: I could not hold
Hold anymore
I wanted not to
But I let u go..

Rain: I knew I must go
Unnerve will be mine
Yet, I still remained
Remained as a dream..

Sky: My heart burst
Burst into tears
But u were gone
Gone far away..

Rain: Dear.. I deserved the earth
There I deserved to die
The moment I die
I still loved U more . . .

Pic Courtesy : Rain Drop Image
Text Courtesy: A forward.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Love and Me

Isnt love nothing but all about

But hey wait..... Isnt me all about

Just a stray thought on seeing some pics of a forward.....

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Two steps behind

Walk away if you want to.
Its ok, if you need to.
Well, you can run, but you can never hide
From the shadow thats creepin up beside you.

whatever you do
Well, Ill be two steps behind you
wherever you go
And Ill be there to remind you
That it only takes a minute of your precious time
To turn around and Ill be two steps behind.

Kutti Helmet for a Kutti !!!


Was amused at that small helmet on the kid the other day !!!

Just got my hand on That summer of Paris !!! The review of the book seems interesting and I hope it would be a good read !

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


It was more than two hours of nice and entertaining performance - and all at a cost of what ? Rs 49/- Before I go onto tell about the play , a few things about the place where the event was organised.

Rangashankara was the realization of a persistent dream of a man who had immense passion for performing arts. Please do visit www.rangashankara.org

Well, I almost thought I would be late as I cldnt leave early from the office yet I made it in time for the play, ignoring the calls of my stomach which if you know to listen, you could hear it as a growling noise ;-) !!!

It was a palette of four plays in complete-the-story style. The actors enact the story and freeze it at one point. The audience collectively give their reactions and one of the climax is enacted on the spot by the actors. Its an interesting style of presentation.
And this was the first time, this group is staging in this style for public audience. They had earlier done it only for a certain select audience.

Each play was of a different language ,Kannada, English, Tamil and Hindi. However it was interspersed with lots of dialogues in english so that the audience do not have a problem in understanding.
They were Purple Roses, Ctrl+Alt+Del, ShanthiNilaya, Friend philosopher guide. And the second play was also presented in perspective theatre style where it is enacted in the perspective of one character where if that characters thinks the rest are clowns, they become clowns.

Well, I cldnt have asked for a better evening on a tuesday leave alone the fact that I had just an akki roti for dinner during the interval. For a moment, I wished for my friend to be there with me, but I guess I enjoy my outings any case these days, like I used to before. So here are the storylines for the four plays...Anyone wanna complete it and know how it was done finally?

1. Purple Roses
Set in the Zamindar Era, the story is narrated as a folk tale by a group of villagers. This is a story of a girl Rajini who is in love with Nagendra who goes to the city to make their dreams come true. Rajini in the meanwhile goes after money and gets married to a narcisist zamindar who illtreats her. The zamindar is lured by a visiting Englishman who promises him power, fame and fortune in return for serving him with his wife. Rajini gets a letter from NAgendra who comes back for her to meet her near the bridge at sunset which the Englishman reads and offers to take her to London with him relieved of all the problems. Finally, she meets him at the specified place when she is caught red handed by the Zamindar along with the Englishman. The story freezes here.

2. Ctrl+Alt+Del
A modern office story where three collegues (one, being the lead who steals others ideas as his own) are pitching for a high volume business. The night before the pitch, the power goes off suddenly and when it returns the files are deleted and the old chai wala tells them that the back ups of the compaign and the printouts in the studio are burnt. A thunder, a lightening and the studio burst. The gods are angry and the world is coming to an end he says. There is also the beautiful secretary who is accidentally hugged from behind during the power failure while the doer takes his friends help to hide it.

The story unfolds as an investigation from each ones perspectives....Starts with the perspective of One where its a mafia set up in lines of GodFather. Believe me ,that was awesome piece of enacting by the guys in the mafia role ;-). In the other, the characters become the historical kings and Narad, ( the best part when the secretary becomes meera bhai) . Each one seems to accuse the other, while one is angry at his ideas used by his boss, the other is angry that the boss and other guy are in a relationship and ignores him and the boss himself guilty of stealing ideas.

Well, audience had to decide whos the cuplrit who actually deleted the files and burnt the generator and why?

3. ShanthiNilaya
Set in the Bangalore of 1980s, its about a family where the woman of the family is a pain in the you-know-where, a silent husband, their daughter, poor and illtreated beautiful maid, an unruly, stupid and funny uncle, a driver, both of whom try their luck at the maid. With the head of the family also giving her glances occasionally. The daughter takes to the maid for everything, she teaches the maid and becomes a moral support to her. One fine day, the uncle finds a medical report in the kitchen which says the maid is pregnant. Three guys in the family, now, whos the culprit?

4. Friend Philosopher Guide.
Set in the env of a railway station, its a story of a tourist guide, his chai selling kaka and couple of awaras singing. It was made as a musical with those awaras playing the right music for the situations. They were brilliant. The guide meets Sapna, who has run away from the family and waits for a boy friend who never turns up. The guide sympthasises with the girl who doesnt speak, tries in vain to reach her boyfriend and puts her up in a hostel and then slowly they meet daily..The girls goes on to get a job and this guy becomes a marketing executive and just when he is ready to porpose the love for the girl, the boy friend calls him.
The story freezes there and the audience had to move the story forward ....

Trust me, we had a hearty laugh at the reactions and suggestions of the audience. try guessing the way the stories have to move forward....

BTW, to get the audience to a comfort level intially, we tried something where each one has to turn to their neighbours and try to guess which part of India they come from ....I had a young couple on my right and a senior citizen on my left. I was amused to find that none of us actually made a right choice the first time. The man on my left was a Kannadiga who had worked in Chennai for 10 years and the lady on my right was from chennai again, and settled in north for a long time and had moved to Bangalore. Was interesting and a simple exercise but so easy to break the ice....And I also observed before the start of the play, two guys seriously discussing how the pricing of the tickets were a wrong strategy and would not even help them in sustaining the auditorium and they were almost creating empirical relations to figure out what the right cost of the tickets would be. Well, mes not into work at such places, hehehe !!! I guess some people just cant get out of it.

A worthwhile evening in all !!!

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Final Touches

Been a long time since I visited theatre and I hope to have my seat tomorrow evening. Wld be a welcome break to continue with the rest of this week ;-) !!!

Current Song - Real Love by Massari
Thanks to DV, I did not have a copy of this song at work ;-) and now I HAVE !!!yipee!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hooked onto

Check out the song on your right....thats one of the songs am hooked onto off late.....
I just loved that voice....nice video too.....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A simple hug.


Had ample amount of time this weekend to organize all the pics, I mean the memories, going throuh each one of it and reliving all of it.....(Incidentally my friend called me up just when I was browsing a special set of pics of our first trip together, is that what they call telepathy?).....The whole exercise started after getting a collage of my profile done by my friend......and thats when I browsed through the above pic....
It was taken at BelleVille Water Front Festival in the June 2003. I had just reported to work and I was watching a show there, when my eyes caught something that was happening away from the stage.....A simple little hug, that assured the kid of all the security in this world - well, that sight still remains as a vivid memory. Nothing beats the comfort of a warm hug ! 
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


You choose - either your past or your future - and you stick onto it. !

Monday, August 07, 2006

Vienetta for breakfast? Are you crazy?

You can crave for ice creams and chocolates. You can be crazy about them.
You might find them as quick alternatives to gain back the lost weight, but you just cant have Kajar Ka Halwa for dinner and Vienetta for breakfast.....AH, but aint I different?
So what do you do? Get back to working out!!! am just back from a rigorous work out and boy oh boy, it feels so damn good and especially after a wild wild weekend of partying which was
quite a different experience than I thought it would turn out to be.
On the other hand, its the business calls that are spoiling my health ...In a whole enthu of all the work and the opportunities ahead, I had taken too much on my bin and with the calls not there for a week, I'm just emptying everything and getting back to my schedules which would mean, I'm gonna be back strumming the strings with help again.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

On a lovely rainy evening

After a hectic schedule and deliverables, today I was in the mood - thanks to the rain and the clouds here - to free up my time to do what I like - to browse randomly. But then, suddenly I opened up a directory on my machine that was a back up of my previous machine and documents. I was so surprised to find a whole list of documents that I had typed to a friend of mine - random thoughts, penned down feelings, strong emotions, and what not. I found my lips curving to form a smile. And thats when I know what this person meant and means to my life. Pretty ironical sometimes life is when you have to lie to the very last person on Earth to whom you would want to lie, a person with whom you can be yourself, no pretense, no manipulated thoughts and emotions.

I don't know why you're so far away
But I know that this much is true
We'll make it through

hmmmm...Life goes on as it always will. On the other side, I started to date again. People amuse me a lot, ok, no offense, they interest me a lot. And Gosh, isnt there any smart women in Blore, someone who knows to carry herself well, and who does not put up a pretense but capable of just being herself, who has her feet firmly on the ground yet is full of a woman? Or does it happen only to me? I'm just losing interest in any parties / date. All the recent dates have all been lousy and one of those days, I actually ended up having a lonely lunch. I rather would prefer a nice travel mate so that I dont end up feeling wasted like this with stupid bunch of people.