Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hola !

I did not visit this site for quite a long time, as is obvious.

Interestingly, out of the blue I had a dream about the blogs I used to visit a few days back and curiously enough I had no idea why I had to have that dream and totally forgot about it - that is until this evening....I was busy working my way on a presentation due to be presented to the leadership a week from now when I was again reminded of a particular site I used to visit for the paintings and lo - there were three things that made me smile
1. there were more paintings (I dont know why I never pushed myself to try it enough though I love that form of art - is it a fear of failure, I know not !)
2. It made me curious to see if anyone really visited my blogs during my absence - and apparently they did and a few left comments too :-) Interesting!
3. It made me give a whack to myself for being focused on work and studies when I cld give myself a break and decided its time to move my a$$ to ooty in the first week of march. So, here I come Queen of Mountains !

Thanks to all those visitors who viewed this space when I did not !