Monday, June 19, 2006

Exhiliriating Experience

I harldy expected to encounter what I would call an Exhiliriating Experience when I stepped out of my office this morning at 1:30 AM. Some important issues had kept me staying late at work and I knew I would be soaking wet before I reached home. Nevertheless, with a dampened spirit (I cldnt complete my work inspite of my efforts), I set out on my Black Dawn to ride through the roads of a even more dampened city.
As I came out of the office and caught up on the dark roads, I realised I'm in for a late night driving experience. I just love bikes - I love cars too but not as much as the bikes. And any day, I would prefer a bike ride than a car. And Boy Oh Bot, I love dirt bikes all the more. By jove, it was so damn difficult with the heavy drops spluttering across your helmet rendering you almost blind extracting the maximum of your concentration to see what is ahead in the road. And the big Boiler tanks on the 16/32 wheeled trucks were just plainly monstrous. I hit the hosur road only to catch up with a huge traffic Jam. Finding my way throug those trucks, four in a line was an experience in itself. Triumphant over beating all those lined up vehicles, I came to the front only to see a huge van turned upside down on the road with the vegetables making a slush in that rain. I cldnt drive anything more than 50kmph or I kept slow as the visibility was not more than a a couple of metres anyway. Turned around the madiwala only to see a cars stranded everywhere and the ones ahead of me was not risking the flowing river of water. Completely unassuming, I drove my vehicle thinking its probably for a short distance, but the water almost was waist high on my low seating Avenger. At one point I thought the engine would conk with the compelte engine and the silencer immersed in the water. But, it stayed through and came out of the water as majestically as any proud owner could hope for with not even a slightest of a sneeze. Boy, i've started to love the bike. When I reached home, I was dripping wet, yet felt as though the day had some meaning, something to achieve and something to hope for the next day !

Love and hate

"You are a blend of love and hate"
"I hate you more than anyone else"

- comments given to me by my best friends *sob sob* and quite often.

But intriguingly(Ah, isnt that adjective used at me too), I dont quite understand this contradictory nature of expression. Its very difficult for me to experience and relate to such twins of an emotion that are quite antagonistic in nature. I do not go through this twin kind of emotion. How can you when you really love a person and understand them? Or is it that the hatred is nothing but a different form of expressing one's own affection because you know that you can count on them to be honest and truthful to you which may be perceived as a source of weakness?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fresh and lively !

A picture says a thousand words - they say !!

Some pictures make you feel a thousand emotions ! The firs time I saw this picture early in the morning on my mail, the feeling I got was so lively and awesome !!! Just felt so full of life and since then everytime I see it as my wall paper, I just feel all the more better !
Incidentally, it reminded me of my travel to meesapulimalai and coorg !


An awesome photograph - simple, and neat bringing the world I would rather like to be to my desk ! Kudos to the photographer !

Friday, June 09, 2006


He had never spared himself in any issue. His first concern was to discover what error he had made; he did not search for any one's Fault but his own; it was of himself that he demanded perfection.
He always tried to understand and rationalise. He always forgave others because he understood and accomodated others in his thoughts. But within himself, he always tried to find reasons, not to hurt others with the knowledge but learn to understand how not to repeat the mistakes and to rectify those that can be rectified, and to leave behind those mistakes that had no place in his heart nor the mind.