Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Winding up for the year @ Work !

Nothing feels great than to have a very positive value adding result to the last design meeting of the year. There has to be a logical explanation to everything in software, you just cant wipe your hands off the problems and what else would be a better note to end the year than cracking a serious problem that the team has been sitting over for long time now, that you know for sure is gonna be appreciated. Its time for celebrations every where and the client goes on a vacation starting tomorrow, so its decided to be a party time tomorrow afternoon for the team which has been longing to go out now. And I couldnt be in a better mood than this after what I heard during the lunch.(see my previous post).

BTW, I picked up twobooks from the library this morning - "The three of Us" by Abha Daweswar and "Through Krishna's Eyes" by Sunny Singh. I read "That Summer in Paris" by former author and I liked the language, that I went and picked it up. Hope its interesting too.

Fun @ Las Vegas

Ah, the little bunny is going on a trip with his mom. Infact all of my family except me is travelling this christmas to Las Vegas, Disneyland and Grand Canyon. Wish I was there too.....

On a contemplative note, Why do people talk behind your back and try to justify themselves putting you in the dark? And particularly to a person who is not worth anything between the two of you? Whats the point in opening and staring at the skeletons in the closet?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Want !

No matter whatever your relationship is with your parents - love bound or duty bound or both, you will surely miss them when they are away.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Second Chance.

Today, I wish Life had one second chance except that this time, I know what to change.

To all who have read and commented so far, thanks a lot. You can always reach me at

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What do you do?

What do you do when you send a SMS to the wrong person. Sometimes, it happens that someone is in your thoughts moments before you are writing the SMS, say for example, you are pre occcupied in your own thoughts in a meeting and suddenly remember that you have to send a SMS and then you send it to the person not intended for? I feel very embarrassed and it has happend quite a few times with me....and it keeps repeating and I have no clue how to prevent it.....

What do you do when someone who means a lot and who's close to you in being ill spoken of in front of you, and particularly by people who's close to them? Do you go and tell your friend? or you dont?

What do you do when your friend does not respond properly, ignores you and tries to avoid you? Do you try all things to seek the reason? or you dont?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Symbol from my travel.

Am an enthusiast of symbology (No, nothing to do with The Da Vinci Code, this dates back early from my childhood). The symbols of various culture, religion have always captured my interest. Its my personal belief that digging deep into all religions will associate atleast a couple of common symbols like for example, the Star of David. Various manifestations of this symbol can be found in different religions. Who knows, may be thats the path to knowing more about human origin. And every symbol is always symmetrical on a certain axis for sure and symbols I guess are the highest form of understanding of the creation and functioning of the universe. Religions closely related to the Vedic culture like Hinduism, Buddhism - well, I dont have to say anything about their knowledge and abundance of symbols. Every time, I visit a Hindu temple or buddhist monastery, I'm impressed with their colours and architecture. Most of the time, I do not understand anything about it. But I like them. So is the attached snap. It was taken at Buddhist Monastery, Manali town. This symbol was painted on the part of the main door of the Monastery. Look at the symmetry of the figure and I feel that there must be some meaning to this. Can anyone decipher it for me? ;-)

Monday, December 04, 2006

End of a sojourn !

Back from the vacation and yes am in more than a mood to work. Feels so good to be so focussed, thanks to the feel-good vacation. It was a nice trip laden with moments of wonder, moments of joy, moments of enthusiasm, moments of cheer, moments of silence, moments of astonishment, moments of peace and moments of loneliness. Took a lot of notes that I can edit a good travelogue and may be try to weave stories, but am short of time for it right now. In a jist, these are some of the things ....

  • Meeting up with a good friend.
  • A punjabi get together at my yesteryear idol - KapilDev's restaurant.
  • A peaceful sunset high up the hills.
  • A calm walk in the gardens of chandigarh followed by an evening tea.
  • Mouth watering punjabi special sweets and loads of punjabi food. The best Aloo-pyas Parantha..., one of the best tuty-fruity sundaes I have ever had....
  • Cinema, Shopping, shopping and more shopping...
  • A ghostly encounter in the wee hours of a cold morning
  • Acquintance to the majestic mountains - I'm sure to visit them again soon.
  • Feeling of spiritual belonging to the world.
  • The touch of the snow high above the hills, sharing stories with a villager who trekked along with his one feet (actually faster than me).
  • A trek to catch a glimpse of naturally formed temple and one more crossing a mountain just for the heck of it.
  • Tasting the local mountain cuisine and feel the life of a mountain folk.
  • A taste of pilgrimage @ manikaran - servicing for a bowl of food (trust me the food tastes heavenly after the service)
  • Driving along the river high on the mountain tracks...
  • Moments of artistic liking at Roerich Society, long talk with a fellow traveller from France, looking at his notes of a month travel in India.
  • Long tiring journey to Amritsar to be greeted by hisorical places, Jalianwala bagh, Golden Temple and Wagah border (border retreat ceremony)
  • Driving a local auto rick through the vast lands of punjab's crop fields.
  • Moments of sadness in the city of Delhi - the striking poverty and dirt.

Well, these are just the few of many things that happened through the 9 day sojourn. A everyday list of things would take a whole lot of writing to do , but thats for later...