Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ha !

A whirlwind of a weekend and before I can even write about it, another half of a week is already gone *sigh*....Now that there arent many weekends here at my disposal, and loads of things to be taken care of, all I could ask for is time. Wish a day had 48 hours instead *a vey big sigh* !

I wasnt very keen when my friends wanted to plan for something as I had lotsa pending things, especially a coupla bills to be taken care of, however, when they barged into my house early morning(read it as 5:30 Am) on Friday and packing my things, I couldnt say a No (my problem always). Neither did I imagine, I would have to drive the vehicle for the next 45 hours with just a break for the night @ a friend's coffee estate only to wake upto a beautiful sunrise.

I found myself taking people around as I had already been to the tourist places in Coorg. Every place, I visited, I was reminded of the first trip of mine to this place. Wish those times had stayed and as they say, Every good thing has to come to an end and so it came. Be it the Hilltown hotel / Nisargadhama / Thala cauvery / Buddhist monastery, I found myself reminiscing the past memories more than enjoying the present. Except that this time around , I was driving a new Hyundai getz through the curvy hill roads. We were driving through remote villages to reach the coffee estate in the late night when we switched off the head lights only to feel a bursting peak of adrenalin thru us.

A drive for few more seconds would have resulted in an accident or if there wasnt one, we wld have died of fear. All scary thoughts ran thru all our heads and I suddenly decided to stop the vehicle in the dark on the mountain towards the estate. We switched off even the cell phones to bask in the moon lit estate wilderness.

After 45 hours of travelling, I found myself in home only for a day of pub hopping and treating ourselves to an awesome spread of food.

BTW, visited The Legends last tuesday to catch up with some live music from a band called Altered Spaces for which a cousin of my friend plays guitar for. Hope to upload the video here. Check out in a couple of days.

I wonder, is it because my days here are numbered for a long time to come, that I'm not able to keep up with my schedule. My lifestyle suddenly seems like something straight out of a novel with pubs, food, music and travel one overlapping the other. Well, whateva, I surely am enjoying it !

Monday, January 22, 2007

Adorning beauties !

What do I sport these days especially when I drive?

What adorns my desk these days?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Internet as a battleground ?

It might be too early in my mind to form an opinion and I havent thought to myself yet, analysing what my stand is with regards to such developments, but the following articles did realyl make me sit back and want to spend time thinking how it would be in the future. Will internet be a battle ground?

Crazy Wikileaks

Do u use Google Earth?

And you thought I'm mad @ customer support for no reasons?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Three of Us

Sometimes you read a book and identify the emotional journey of the characters with yourself. At times during such a read, you stop and think over "Gosh, its so like my thoughts, the emotions that I went through" and you realise theres so much in common with the fiction and real life. Oh well, it is bound to be as fiction, as I believe is just an extension of the real life. I picked up,"The three of us" by Abha Daweswar for the language based on my earlier read of her - "That Summer in Paris". But except that this time, I was in for a different treat. I was left wondering if it was indeed a lady who wrote this book (no offense meant) for the treatment of very intricate emotions of a man trying to identify his own sexuality. It was like the author had magically stepped into the thought process of a man. The novel just breezes through the lifestyle of a young Manhattan investment banker, laden with some hilarious moments and dialogues and sometimes, profound words. I'm looking forward to read "Babyji" which again is an emotional journey of a girl that had won her a literature award.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Whine and Dine !

A wannabe-restaurateur myself - towards which I have already made my clear cut plans, and as a person who likes to wine and dine at all places and all foods (vegetarian) possible in the globe, well, all i can say about this article is, Been-There-Faced-That !