Sunday, May 27, 2007

Flying High !

Finally, I got the time to post this. Even though I'm posting this after a week, I'm still reveling in the thrill and the feeling of falling from 15000 ft high. Infact two days back I experienced the entire feeling in my dream and for some strange reason, yesterday, I dreamt of exploring the space without an astronault outfit. Hehehe.

I will probably write in detail later...its already too late in the night...but
* Its a bliss to be a bird
* Its a feeling that cannot be describedone. It has to be experienced and I already bought my second jump that I will do the coming weekend.
* You feel like floating in the air. There aint any great physical turbulence. The first few seconds are the key...and immdiately after that u start enjoying the ride.
* I did feel scared as the videos would show until I actually experienced it when u will see me enjoying it.
* When the chute opens up, the journey is heavenly.
* When I joind hands with my photogrpaher and flew just like in the movies and discovery channel, I knew that I have stretched the limits of my mind and body to an extent I never believed I could.
* The earth is lot different from above. Reminded me how insignificant we are in the concept of the whole.

Now, if anyone asked me if I have ever done crazy on my Bday, I know what to say !

Sky Diving Preparation

The Jump - No music

The Fall - Music Version

Monday, May 14, 2007

Flying High

Having visited most of the general tourist places in the Eastern Coast of Canada, I was quite wondering what would I do this time around. I decided to get the real feel of people, life and culture and live like a local. I also thought I would be able to get back to my sketches, hiking etc etc. Alas, work had kept me busy for a couple of weekend after the sun really warmed up( I need an AC now). Now that th weekends are to myself, we decided to do something that we hadnt done before. And we came across THIS. . I have seen the broadway plays in the movies and have been fascinated by the well dressed men and women (well, women especially in their beautiful gowns) and this was in my to-do list all the time. So, We decided to give it a try. Then, came the question of the dresscode. A black trouser, wrinkle free formal shirt, a black barduroy jacket and a black formal shoe - is all I wore. Ah, I know, - not a great dresscode but given the fact that we would be roaming around the streets of Toronto, it does not make a great sense to go in Tuxedo ;-) and I personally believe that would be funny....anyways, we were in for a treat as we got great seats and to my left was a beautiful looking lady in a classic black gown...(gosh I had to keep my eyes consciously AWAY from those legs ;-) ! and the fact that we were so close to smell each other's perfume was of any help! I bet she was wearing poison !

The real treat was the show. I have never seen a better presentation, the settings, the moving backrounds - well everything was perfect to the core. Thats exactly the reason theatre is my favourite medium. You get one bleadi chance to perform and you cant make any mistakes and perform they did, perfectly. The music was just magnificient - the theme has become one of my favourites. Though I cldnt get much of the lyrics - Gosh that was so damn tough to decipher :-) - overall it was one experience I wanted to have in my life and well, it was worth all of the 100 and odd $ we paid for it. I'm looking for one more show two weeks from now - a musical play and I dont expect to be disappointed.

On the other hand, the evenings have become busy again with the gym at the harbour club such a treat for workouts. The range of equipments is something that I never have experienced in any of the gyms I have worked out so far - so it just keeps me happy and amidst all those workout freaks, you are just in the mood for greater workouts....

Well, one more thing that is gonna come in line should be the FreeFall from 12000 ft above the earth. Check THIS . Now got to muster the courage and take a plunge.....and this time I hope so - Whats life for if not to live and experience.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Sometimes, you think back and wonder how time has passed, how people have changed and you realise that things close to your heart have just become memories of the past. Even though you wish for things to not happen, it happens otherwise leaving you with some wonderful memories. For sometime, you are the center piece of someone's life and then suddenly u fade off....fade off just like yet another stranger of a distant past....and then you keep wondering what happened and suddenly u ask yourself if you even crossed their mind once when u have been remembering them all along...Life for sure is crazy...

It feels like an alien to log into this blog today....A place where my emotions and opinions were penned down and suddenly I feel I had forgotten to feel what it is like to write. Things change....and u keep going. Giving up is never an option, is it? Thanks for all those who have come to this page even when I have ignored it.