Thursday, February 22, 2007

I returned back early last night to my hotel room. By 7:00, I had soaked myself in a hot tub of water with lemon grass oil sprinkled in and was deep in a slumber by half past seven. I seriously wonder in what right frame of mind was I in, when even in the midst of a deep sleep (or was it a shallow?), I had called up Boston Pizza and ordered for a pizza and Garden green salad with a pop. The guy had apparently knocked on my door 30 mins later which fell into the deaf ears of your highness. He had to actually ring my intercom a coupla of times before he could deliver the pizza. Now that the sleep was disturbed, I sluggishly finished the pizza and called up my friends and family back home, then decided to buy in a movie. And trust me, I bought in a movie at the Hotel that absolutely did not justify the $12.99 I paid for it - Casino Royale. This classifies to be one of the most dumbest James Bond movie I have ever watched. This was the only James Bond movie I hadnt watched and that completed the equation, but I guess I would wanted it to be an exception. It just isnt a Bond movie at all.

Well its been snowing around today and as is my wont, I took a stroll outside in the snow !

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Freedom !!!

You take a flight, land in a new place, new country, go over to the counter, rent a cab, take a map, drive down to your destination. Well, easier said than done ! But trust me, theres nothing like it when you are eligible and licensed to do all of it. That surely is freedom ! And when you are coming back to the same place again, well, its as good as coming home !! :-)

Have reported back to work in BellVille, to a warm welcome by everyone around - the place hasnt changed much except for the fact that its snowy all around, with spine chilling and in my case, teeth chilling cold. I took a stroll to a few places that I had promised myself to be back, albeit not alone, but unfortunately all alone ! Cldnt help but wonder things could have been different, should have been different.

Time to hunt for a place to stay and if I'm lucky, I must be getting a Bachelor's acco soon with no worries of pesting roommates ;-) ! Wonder when did I start such an aversion to roommates?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gone with the Wind !

You know any close relationship has waned, the feelings have hit the bottom, that its time for you to treasure the memories and move ahead(with a faint hope of rediscovering the same at a later point of time, if destiny wills) - when people stop addressing you by name, the familiar nicks no longer are used, mails/letters start with a Hey, Hi, things that were interestingly shared are sent as FYI on a group alias and sometimes after reminders. Well, lifes like that - a string of memories !

On a different note, sometimes people humble me with their love. Like my granny who at her age of 88, made the food i liked even if it was 11:00 in the night or 4:30 in the morning to drive to bangalore - the reason, I might miss my favourite food for quite some time to come and she - not sure of how long she can hold onto her dear life. Well, grandma, thanks for all that you are. I'm what I'm mostly because of you and I absolutely adore you for your strength and character!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

On the way ...

Very often, I have ppl tell me that I must be crazy to drive so often to Chennai. Well, I AM crazy about driving, but more than that, I sometimes get very nice moments during the travel that I can treasure, like these!

Started a little late on Friday evening and the almost full moon just took my breath away. It was my guiding moon bathing me with moonlight all through the way. I stopped over at a nice point and watched the moon rise up and above until it was brilliant white. Boy, dont I love my Canon with a 12X Optical zoom. Wonder what add-on lenses can do to this piece !

I usually start very early in the morning from chennai on Mondays, and not so surprisingly, reach office much earlier than if I stay in Bangalore ;-). And these days, the vast fields covered with white layers of morning mist and a rising sun behind, blinding your eyes through the rear view, is an awesome company to drive. Well along with a coffee, its just about perfect.
We need Baristas and CCDs on NH 7. Couldnt resist stopping over, enjoying it and completing my packed breakfast @ sunrise. Pleasant start to the week !

I shd be putting these pics on moi travel blog @ I guess I have become lazy having two blogs ;-) ! However, hope to have lotsa updates coming in the travel blog in a months time when I wld be travelling a lot lot more !