Monday, April 23, 2007

Niagara in the lights


Finally the day is getting over....
It isnt easy when you carry pain in your heart, longing in your soul, a nervous racus in your brain and a handful of messups @ work....the day just seems to drag forever. Its very difficult to draw the line when career and life mix up!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easier said than done

Now that many people I know are in the age of getting married and especially girls, I have come across atleast a couple of girls who are so confused and lament that they want to get married to someone they know, a friend, than someone their parent choose. Perfectly reasonable. However, it should always be the guy who should make the move. Why cant it be that a girl just goes ahead and asks out the guy. Yes, there are guys who dont think it is cheap and there are guys who like outspoken girls. The guy should decide, the guy should understand them perfectly which I guess isnt a fool's task and should be ready to give up everything if need arises and sometimes the girl herself, if their parents choose not to naccept. (well, mine really dont care and thats different ;-) ) No one wants to hurt their parents. Playing safe is fine but to what extent can a guy have a clarity in mind when you do not even know if the girl really wants to get married to the guy because she loves the guy (in which she should have expressed it strongly) or just wants to get married thinking " a known devil is better than unknown angel". It doesnt seem anything more than an arranged marriage by the parents themselves when you do not know who the other person is actually. I understand it takes a lot in Indian society for a girl to get married to than for a guy. However guys have their own confusions too and they give up quite a few choices too. Most men often are not as strong as they appear to be. Hurt and pain are the same for everyone. It is very difficult to cross the line and then step back to the same. Needs a lot of maturity for sure.

Monday, April 02, 2007

I know not what to say,
I know not how to react,
I know which path to take,
I know not what life will offer
I know nothing is worth a tear in your eyes, not even me !