Monday, September 24, 2007

Twisted Fate

Theres only one way to live - face it !

However, there are times when you dont want something, dont want to be reminded, dont want to see yourself or others, dont want to take the path down the memory lane, not because you are afraid it, but because it is wise to leave things as it is, without any questions, any complaints. Those are times when you dont want to see yourself in the mirror, for the reflection might show a tattered soul, reminding of things lost and defeats accepted with as much grace as possible. Fate has its own twisted logic. It is exactly when you want to be away, to feel at peace for a while, everything opens right in front of you.It springs up when you least expect it and on your face.And when you do face it,the pain it brings, the suddent surge of sadness that originates in those walls of your heart, gushing into your arteries making you gasp for your breath, that one moment when everything seizes, makes you wish you were dead instead. And when there is no more pain, no more sadness that your heart can ooze out into the veins, when your head is clear, you take it with a smile, you wish the best and get back to this moment, knowing that sooner or later, your heart will be conditioned for this too as it always has. Afterall, its life - face it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007



I think most of us would have heard about the outsourcing cries made in the west and the animosity displayed. However, in my career of IT experience spanning around 8 years now, I have never directly encountered any form of remarks or animosity being displayed @ work, though I have seen such remarks when I walk on the roads.
I believed even if people felt hostile, they limit their behaviours within professional ethics and thats the kind of people I have interacted with. For the first time, I found someone reacting otherwise and for what? a chair?

I had promised a client designer(Sri Lankan immigrant) last evening that I will look into her issue first thing in the morning. As soon as I came in, she called me in. I sat in her chair to fix the issue while she sat on the desk. After a while, she got a chair and a few minutes later, I gave some suggestions and got up to leave. I turned around and had this another client designer Chinese immigrant) standing right upto my face and exclaiming "Ah, so you took my chair". The lady tried to explain that she had borrowed it for herself for a little while, which went unheaded and the guy said in a hostile pitch, his face showing such a hatred, "Why not take my job too?". Well, I do not get into verbal wars @ work place, so, I looked back at him eye-to-eye and left the place.

Later when I think about it, it is interesting, two immigrants from neighbouring countries of mine, who have come here in search of the same thing that everyone aspire for, a better life with more luxury. And incidentally, this guy rents out apartment to contractors like me for two reasons. No one pays that money he quotes for that house. We do not demand like the rest of the tenants do. We need a place for a couple of months and we are ready to compromise, which he clearly takes advantage of. Why would you carry such a spite and show displeasure at something as simple as borrowing a chair? No questions whether I consider it to be immature, but all this hype about grabbing jobs etc etc in a period of globalization and smaller distances? It beats me. How would it be if there is a restriction that Coke cannot sell anywhere outside America or Americans cannot have Japanese cars? Will the companies be as global as they are or will the people be satisfied with inferior products? On one hand, people go and buy products from China because they are cheap and on the other, fight about sending the work there?

The truth is - "There is nothing of any importance in life-except how well u do your work.Nothing.Only that. Whatever else u r will come from that."

@ SB,
well, am back after a long time. Thanks for still reading me. I would like to touch base with you when I return, that is if you are interested.