Thursday, March 29, 2007


It surprises everytime how your body demands attention from you. First symptons of stressed out body is the burning eyes, boils on the tongues. Guess I first have to settle scores with my body before I can even think about handling other important things.

On the other hand, I wonder who formed the word "Stressed" - the reverse spells "desserts" !

Monday, March 26, 2007

Is it all worth at the end?

Loneliness is terrbile....but what is even more terrible is to be surrounded by people but not able to relate to anyone....

Saturday, March 24, 2007

that little time ....

Sometimes, all you need is time to think through , to explain your feelings the right way, without any misunderstanding, to make others understand what you see, without hurting them, and help them know the real you, not the you others perceive you to be.....
And time is the only thing am running short of ....and it isnt easy to make all of the above happen with a fast flowing sandclock stuck up in your A$$ !
On more than one instance, I have realised Beer doesnt help you think....It may sober you up...but it doesnt help you think clearly.....

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Prince Edward Islands or PEI as it is shortly called is one of the most scenic places on Earth or so I have read. I read abt it during my first visit in 2003. But staying around 1600 kms away from it, and not with much of drivers/ interested people around, I cldnt do it then. Then in 2005, I did not want to live it alone (blinded?, probably) and this time around, I really dont care. I would like to just do it. There is a long weekend coming in April and my gut feeling is that I wouldnt find much people to accompany me on this trip. I somehow dont get it when people do not want to travel to such exotic places. Majority of the collegues that I see is interested in man-made shopping malls and concrete jungles (well, I like to travel city too) and taking pictures of themselves there and nothing more. REminds me of this guy who trekked all the way to get a glimpse of "out-of-the-world" sunrise only to see the entire sunset thru his camera lens. Well, whats the point :-) !! Anyways, I think I shd probably plan it out and see if I can make it this time around...If I choose to drive, well, am sure its gonna be one hell of a tiring drive ! 18 hours is not a easy ride for heavens sake even for a driving maniac like me !

Do read about the Island from the above link.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Happily Alone!

Its not everyday, that you walk down in a snow storm and reach home all white and covered with flakes of snow only to make yourself a nice set of masala pappad, a hot cup of chai, and sit down with the recent book about the paintings of Leonardo (the mysterious man of a past gone era) and the man himself - all to a perfect solitude.
There are moments in life, you enjoy the solitude. An occasional thought of sharing with special ones of your heart passes through - then the silence teaches you the reality of life enuff to enjoy it with all your heart.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, I heard the constant rattling of the rain drops outside the window. And the fact that I stay in a room whose inhabitants earlier were kids, the whole of the roof is illuminated with the flourescent stars that glow in the night.
It was like lying outside on the lawn looking at the sky on a summer evening and also sitting on the window sill and listening the clattering of the rain - both at the same time.Last evening was a perfect one and the fact that am not used to the snowly life, it never dawned on me that I would wake up to a slushy irritating road after all the rain in the night. It was damned to walk on the roads this morning. But to make up for a slushy roads, I saw something wonderful that I had not seen so far. Coming down from my first floor bedroom, I saw the withered trees and their branches covered with a layer of ice all throughout. It was almost like a painting that was hung on the wall in front of me.

The last pic above is a nice macro shot that I tried with my Canon!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Whitey White !

This is my third visit to Canada. I still remember the day when I first got my chance to visit this country and people scared the hell out of me with 40 cms snow and chill and cold and what not. But I was always hoping for it because I love chilly places. well, understandable after living 25 years in the scorching sun of chennai ! The day I came, to my utter dismay,it was 38 degree Centigrade..and I lived through one more season of summer with no sight of snow that is always associated to Canada.

When I saw the news about a predicted 10 cms of snow last night, I was actually overjoyed much to the gnarls of my roommates :-) !! and I was slightly depressed when the weather was so good until this afternoon when I actually walked in just a jeans and sweater to the bank. And now when I want to go to the mall to send a snail mail back home, what do I see, layers and layers of whiteness covering everywhere. Its like everything is covered by a white blanket. Theres hardly any visibility and its already around 3-4 cms of snow. Hola, am I going to enjoy my walk back home or what !

Well, the snail mail have to still wait ! No cab is gonna come and pick me up in this snow !