Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eid Mubarak !

To all muslims, Eid Mubarak.
I was reading the newspaper when I came upon a distressing article. Around 3 dozens of camel have been brought from Rajasthan to Chennai and awaiting their execution, or shd I rather say, sacrifice? No, am not against meat lovers, I'm not claiming I havent had them (though I dont eat anymore), nor I believe it to be a sin.
However, the very thought of getting the animals all the way to satisfy the taste buds in the name of religion and rituals, that really pains me. Now, having camel meat as part of the celebrations in middle east is different. The flora and fauna of a geography surely evolves the habits and rituals of a culture and a religion. And to indulge like this because there is enough of money power and in the name of religion, I think it is atrocious. Isnt it enough that we have wiped off many hundred species of nature from our country? Do we add these to the list? I'm not even sure if people would really like camel meat over the beef or just to follow the original traditions as it is followed by the place of origin of the religion? Does that make them more religious? And sad but true, even among my friends I have come across people whose heart is elsewhere from the country that has always been theirs. Even in as simple things as Cricket which almost if of any significance at all, when its India vs any toher country, its India and when its India Vs Pakistan, its pakistan. It disheartens my heart to see such opinions. I know the last couple of statements are touchy subject to many people, and I aint typecasting anyone here. But nevertheless its sad....and to come back to my original subject. Blue Cross - a society that is close to my heart for the service they render and as a regular contributor feel proud that they stand up and fight against this slaughtering of camels. However, there is a injunction according to Section 28 (If I remember right) that the constitution provides. According to this, slaughtering of animals on religious occasions is allowed. I guess, it wont be far off before we have all the animals tagged endangered species, except ofcourse for humans !

The way the camels are killed, I hear is in a gruesome manner and it takes close to around 2 hours for the camels to die.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Surprise - A reasonable house owner in Bangalore.

I had to pay my first month rent to the owner. I had been really satisfied with the house, its location, its maintenance. I had been trying to catch hold of him for the last few days but couldnt. I was determined to be a reasonable man and pay of my rent within the 5th of every month. Afterall, everyone has their own needs and expectation and a money that comes in late can really skew your lifestyle and your commitments considerably. Who else can know it better than one who has not received his complete payslip(oh goddamnit not even 25 % of my promised payslip) for more than two months now, thanks to our payroll team's misplaced records and great functioning. Even a government office would have responded out of pity for the number of emails sent on this. No matter what levels of escalations are made, yet, words dont seem to transform into action. *sigh* Today is the last day of a "1 week time" from the Human Resources to sort out my issue and well, I dont have any hopes of it. You say I'm a pessimist, I think I understand inefficiency. All this story apart, I know its painful if you dont receive the due amount in the right time.

And boy oh boy, wasnt I pleasantly surprised when the owner took the money only for 25 days I stayed in the house for the last month. And he didnt lay any charges for the water nor electricity for the first month. I have never seen this happen in Bangalore in the numerous houses that I have shifted. Once I had rented a co-worker's place and he charged me even for the light bulb in the house. And everytime I vacate the place, I lose atleast a couple of thousands in various charges the house owners levy( and inspite of keeping the house clean and nice) and my rental agreement always says a 10% increase YoY in the rent. And this new house ( yep, its nicely built new house) owner has a clause of 5 % YoY and also acted a reasonable man when he charged only for 25 days. It isnt a big deal to pay the extra 5 days but a reasonable house onwer is hard to find in Bangalore.Forget reasonable house owners, reasonable men are hard to find here !