Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Managers - Damagers

They are the species with the shortest possible attention span. And if you could gather their attention for more than 10 minutes with not one of them speaking a word, I bet you are a genius but I will wonder why you are amongst them in that case?

Put a bunch of them together,simplest equation will look the most complex thing ever found on this earth. However, an enormous exchange of words will ensue (called brainstorming), sometimes not found in the vocabulary of 80% of the population (no prize for guessing the remaining 20%) beating about every strategy and counterstrategies that can ever be employed, and finally a solution will be arrived at. How? Formulate a sentence with a word from every mouth so that everyone has their say. In the end if you decipher and decode that convulted sentence,
you will precisely find that very first statement of yours.

This is the same species that demand smart work while they get into a meeting and sit there with not even a wee bit interest in what is spoken about, happily sending personal emails from their laptops and nibbling around your ear with incessant talks. Its a pity to witness a dozen members of the species waste two hours of their time,
- almost two full business days while the rest of the community are asked to slog their way. We, techies, are wretched souls.